Workshop on Enhancing my EQ: 12.6.19
A workshop on Enhancing my EQ – Emotional Quotient was conducted by Fr. Godfrey D’sa. He began the orientation by telling the teachers how emotions and thinking interact to create our awareness and decision making and how using and managing emotions effectively assists in the process of learning. He also added that social and emotional learning can help students achieve higher academic scores. Fr. Godfrey explained that most successful people are not necessarily those with higher IQ but rather those with highly developed interpersonal and social skills. Through interactive sessions he pointed out that addressing children’s social and emotional needs is an effective way to improve academic achievements and prepare children for a happy and satisfied life. He also gave tips to the teachers on how to deal with difficult emotions in the children and how to use emotions as an opportunity for intimacy and teaching.
The teachers enjoyed the orientation and gained a lot of knowledge about how to raise emotionally intelligent students.


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