Ms. Anahita conducted a session in Std III B with the Primary Head Teacher and all the primary teachers and a lovely energizer and explain the flow of the session :


What should be there in child’s book:

Had a look at the Book Look Form and filled it in pairs

Through a PPT she showed different good practices of book look.

She then showed us

  • YWBAT – You Will Be Able To … or L.O. – Learning Outcome – end of the lesson should be able to get from children their learning outcome and can drill YWBAT
  • Students Self Evaluation : A check list for student – stick in the note book – like I wrote using my best handwriting, I used capital letters in the beginning of each sentence, I wrote a complete sentence, I used a punctuation mark at the end of the each sentence etc.


Finally we drew an Action Plan:

The points on which teachers unanimously agreed were

  • Personalise remarks
  • YWBAT – You Will Be Able To … or L.O. – Learning Outcome
  • Picture diagrams, mind maps, worksheets or readers are attached in the book which helps the child to conceptualize better


Ms. Anahita handed over the handouts to all


Ms. Anahita while ending the session congratulated teachers on enclosure practices that has been taken up the teachers wonderfully and for the fantastic remedial programme they conduct daily after school.


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