Teachers Workshop
On 19th November 2016, after the Children’s day celebration the Primary teachers attended a workshop on storytelling organized by Adhyayan conducted by Ms. Jemima and Ms Anahita. Importances of storytelling along with amazing energizers were shared. It was quite thrilling to learn how simple and easily available objects can be used as props and gave way for wild imagination and beautiful stories could be put up. Different ideas on story development with cent percent involvement practically and picturising the story tree was astonishing. Story telling with the sensory box tickled the minds! Teachers too were sharing their experience and ideas on the topic. Quite a learning experience! Thank you Anahita for the Lovely Workshop.

On Sat.23rd Nov.2016,we the Primary section teachers along with the Pre-primary teachers had an interactive,innovative and creative Workshop on theatre and drama co-led by Jemima and Nina along with our curriculum co-ordinator Mrs.Anahita
The workshop was held in AV Hall at 11am .The teachers gathered with eagerness to learn some more interesting energizers. The Prime focus on the workshop was on the use of drama activities in Peer learning and group activities.
We began with check in activities like introducing one anothers name with various game activities.
• Saying the name with some action, followed by everyone in the group repeat the name of the person along with the action shown by the person.
• Maxican Wave, one person in the group in the group shows an action ,the rest follow till the next person to the left of the one who began the action, this continued with another game called team game —to check which team Team A or TeamB ,did the action fast and within what time.
It was a wonderful day learning experience

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