Taxidermy of Birds a Visitors programme arranged for the students of Std II at 8am in the AV Hall on 10 th Feb .Mrs Madhu introduced Dr. Santosh A Gaikwad ,Professor of Anatomy , Mumbai Veterinary College ,Parel to the students .He started his programme with a beautiful clipping on sounds of the birds and showed the boys different birds and explained to them their names and why they were called so, he also explained to the students was Taxidermy was all about.He showed the boys different specimens of animals ,he also told them of how the horns and bones of animals were used to make articles like spoon photoframe and many more
The students then asked many questions to the Professor and got to know more It was indeed a very interesting class .Thanks to Mrs Madhu Lakhwara for planning this session for the boys and to Dr. Santosh Gaikwad a parent of Sarthak Gaikwaid of class II B
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