Virtual Teachers’ Day celebration (Secondary) 5.09.2020
Teachers’ day is a wonderful occasion for celebrating and enjoying the beautiful bond shared by teachers and students. However, this year’s teachers’ day celebration was a distinctive one. No special occasion can begin without an acknowledgement of the graces of the Almighty. The Holy Eucharist was celebrated by our Rector & Manager Rev. Fr. Brian Moras for the good health and well-being of our teachers, which was streamed live on our official YouTube channel.
This was followed by a class wise virtual Teachers’ Day celebration held through google meet wherein the student representatives from different standards expressed their gratitude through wonderful speeches, melodious songs and artistic artwork. The class teachers also expressed their love and appreciation towards their students for making them feel special and appreciating their hard work.
The celebrations ended with a staff meet at 11.30am. The program was hosted by the Principal Ms. Valerie Mascarenhas and the Vice Principal Fr. Ranson Dsouza. It began with a prayer. Students and Parent representatives from all the sections expressed their gratitude to the Management & teachers. Rev. Fr. Brian Moras wished all the teachers on the joyous occasion and shared a few words of wisdom. To keep the spirits high, fun filled games were conduced. All the teachers really enjoyed the virtual staff gathering. Although nothing equals to the fun by being physically present on special occasions like these, it was indeed a unique one.

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