Dear Parents,

We are proud to announce the new version of our school app on the Google Play store. In the new look of the app, we will now find additional feature of Quiz along with Homework, Circular, Attendance, Time Tables and Evaluation.


Steps to Update the School mobile app

In order to download the school mobile app make sure you have the following:

  1. Android Phone (4.0 or higher)
  2. Steady Internet connection
  3. Sufficient memory on phone

If you have downloaded the app before and just need to update it please open the school app. You will be notified of an update. Click on Update.

You can also click the below Google Play icon to get redirected to install/update the app (for Android users)

Android App Link

Steps to Login –

  1. Click Login on the home page
  2. Type your REGISTERED MOBILE no. Click Register.
  3. You will be automatically logged in. You will also receive an SMS with the Login details. You can use those details to Login.


Quiz is an easy and fun way to learn. Parents play an indispensable role in the child’s learning and this is a way to ensure they keep up to date. Using Quiz is simple and here are some features –

  1. Huge repository of questions. Short quizzes of maximum 10 questions of each subject topic.
  2. Immediate display of result.
  3. Dashboards which will log your reports of all quizzes taken.

Steps to use Quiz – 

  1. Select Quiz Feature on Home
  2. Click on one of the subjects mentioned
  3. Select topic
  4. Begin the Quiz. At the end of the Quiz you will land on the Dashboard (as seen in picture to left)

We recommend you use this feature for your child’s studies and provide us feedback on the same.


  1. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO LOGIN until you have provided your contact information to the school. Provide the details to the class teacher. Updates will only be done once a week and you will be notified by SMS when that happens.
  2. All passwords are case-sensitive so enter the password e.g. RFTGFM and not rftgfm
  3. If you DO NOT have an Android mobile phone, you can login via the website link that will be provided on the school homepage.
  4. You can check a list of Frequently Asked Questions on Intellischools Help Website
  5. Please do not call the school office for details regarding the mobile app or related issues.
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