Day / Date Time STD   V STD   VI STD   VII STD   VIII STD   IX STD   X
Tuesday 7.45am Regular School P.D.                     2hr
26.09.17 9.55am ICT                     2hr
Wednesday 7.45am Regular School Work. Edu.       2hr 30min
27.09.17 9.55am PT                      1hr
Thursday HOLIDAY
Friday 7.45am Rel /Mor 1hr 30min Rel /Mor 1hr 30min Rel /Mor 1hr 30min Rel /Mor 1hr 30min Rel /Mor 1hr 30min Rel /Mor 1hr 30min
29.09.17 9.25am Hindi Comp.    :2h Hindi Comp.    :2h
Tuesday 7.45am English      :2h Science    :1h 30m English           :2h Maths            :2h Sci. & Tech I      :2h Marathi                  :3h
03.10.17 Book Binding         :1h
Wednesday 7.45am —— —— —— Hindi Comp  :1h English              :3h Hindi Ent.                :3h
04.10.17 French Com.            :2h
Thursday HOLIDAY
Friday 7.45am Hindi         :2h Marathi     :2h Marathi          :2h Hindi Ent.      : 2h Marathi            :3h Algebra.                    :2h
06.10.17 French Comp. :1h Gen. Maths I           :2h
Milk & Milk Prod.  :1h
Saturday 7.45am —— Geography  :1h His. & Civ.      :1h Geography     :1h Geography      :2h His. & Pol. Sci.        :2h
Monday 7.45am Maths  :1h 30m Maths  :1h 30m Maths   :1h 30m English          :2h His. & Pol. Sci.   :2h 30m Geometry.               :2h
09.10.17 Arithmetic               :2h
Gen. Maths II         :2h
Tuesday 7.45am —— —— —— —— Algebra            :2h Sci. & Tech I            :2h
Wednesday 7.45am EVS-I         :1h English        :2h Science   :1h 30m Marathi        :2h Hindi Ent.         :3h English                     :3h
11..10.17 French Com.    :2h
Thursday HOLIDAY
Friday 7.45am Marathi    :2h Hindi          :2h Hindi           :2h Science  :1h 30m Geometry         :2h Geography & Eco.   :2h
Saturday 7.45am EVS-2        :1h His. & Civ. :1h Geography  :1h His. & Civ.    :1h Sci. & Tech II    :2h Sci. & Tech II            :2h
Reporting time for all exams – 7.20am
Please Note that this time table is subject to change following any circular from the Education department concerning baseline or diagnostic tests


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