The PTA Annual General Body Meeting for the Primary Section was held on Saturday 23rd June, 2018 for Std. 1 & 2, and Tuesday 26th June, 2018 for Std. 3 & 4 Parents respectively at 8 am in the A V Hall.
Our Principal Mrs. Valerie Mascarenhas began the meeting by welcoming the parents. The Leadership Team was then called to light the inaugural lamp. The teachers later went on to start the meeting by invoking God’s blessings. Rev. Fr. Brian Moras then addressed the gathering by congratulating Ms. Valerie Mascarenhas for the successful completion of her first year as a Principal and for the 100% SSC results. He then also thanked the parents for their support and requested them to continue it whole heartedly. The Principal Mrs. Valerie went on to introduce the Leadership Team and the Teachers. She spoke to the gathering about the expected academic changes, painting of the classroom and renovation of students’ toilets and about waste management. She also informed the parents regarding the bag weight, security matters and ID card and issues pertaining to transport providers. Mrs. Valerie Mascarenhas also stressed on “Ban of Plastic Bags” and showed a very inspirational video.
After which Rev. Fr. Brian revealed the dates of the inaugural and closing of the Golden Jubilee Year. He requested the parents to support in any which way possible within in their limits. The parents then moved to their classes to elect their class representatives.
The following parents were voted in as the head parents of the classes for the academic year 2018-2019.

STD. 1 A Mr. Vikram Mishra
STD. 1 B Mrs. Shweta Fernandes
STD. 2 A Mr. Arun Puthran
STD. 2 B Mrs. Rani Kambli
STD. 3 A Mr. Sean Gomes
STD. 3 B Mrs. Yogita Kambli
STD. 4 A Mr. Milton D’Souza
STD. 4 B Mrs. Yael Jagtap