Counselling creates change
28th September 2020
Change is both a desired and inevitable reality of life. Every individual experience changes. It’s not our life circumstances, but rather what we do in those circumstances that matters the most. Counselling sessions can provide one with new strategies for new challenges. Keeping this in mind, the second session of the Emotional Development and Career Guidance Program will be conducted by Prafulta for students of STDs V – IX.
So, in order to prepare our young Savions of std 5 to the new challenges ahead, an interactive virtual session was held by Prafulta Don Bosco on the topic “Interaction with friends” and the speakers for the sessions were Ms. Ratandeep and Ms. Sheetal.
The session began with the speaker asking the students some basic questions on what the child feels about his friends, who were his friends and so on. To make the session more interesting ppts and engaging animated moral videos were screened in between and discussions were held by the speakers.
The session emphasized mainly on these 4 qualities- Being Trustworthy, reliable, empathetic and a caring friend. The boys were allowed to express their opinions and views on the topic. Overall, this session was a fun filled and a very meaningful one.


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