The following are the winners of the various competitions held during the Reuphoria Festival on 30th November, 2016:
Juniors – Popped Out of the Book
1st – Mast. Leon Lobo
2nd – Mast. Nakul Jadhav
3rd – Mast. Daniel Josephs
1st – Mast. Mheet Singh Bhaad
2nd – Mast. Joshua Fernandes
3rd – Mast. Megh Dave
Inters: Spell it to Win It (House Wise)
1st – Red and Green House
2nd – Yellow House
Seniors – Human Snakes and Ladders (House
1st – Yellow House
2nd – Blue House
3rd – Red House
Congratulations to the winners and participants too!!!
And here are some more pics, as promised……

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