The secondary section celebrated the Red House Day through an assembly on the theme ‘Forgiveness.’ The students, under the guidance of their House Teacher Ms Sarita and the other Red House Teachers clearly explained the theme of forgiveness through a poem, song, skit and examples from the Bible. They also outlined several personal benefits of forgiving others.
In his address to the students, Our Rector and Principal Rev. Fr. Crispino D’Souza, highlighted three aspects of Forgiveness:
1. Forgiveness is something that is given, not earned.
2. You cannot forgive someone unless you have placed yourself in that person’s shoes and understood his reason for hurting you.
3. Unless you love someone, you cannot forgive them.
Each of these points were supplemented with examples from his own life and the life of Dominic Savio.
Thus, the true meaning of forgiveness was brought out beautifully through the assembly.

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