Red Day: To introduce our tiny tots to the mesmerizing realm of colours, Red Day was celebrated on 8th October 2022 in the Nursery section. The shades of red made our tiny tots feel bright, lively and cheerful as they all looked stunning in red attire carrying red objects to school. The day started off with the colour red everywhere — red dress, red rose, red teddy, red car, red apples, red cherries, here a red… there a red.. everywhere a red. The little ones were also encouraged by the teachers to speak a line or two on the red objects they had brought to school. Display boards displayed red craft work, and streamers and balloons added to the spectacular red décor. The nursery students showed great enthusiasm in doing an activity on the ‘Lady bug’ which the teacher had specially planned for the day. The students had great fun as they sang and danced to songs like ‘My red balloon, Red is the colour of the day’, etc. It was a scintillating day with innocent faces gleaming and reflecting brightness, joy, love and happiness as red was truly the colour of the day.