Prafulta session for the students of STD VIII
6th October 2020
“The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of love, respect and joy in other’s life”.
Bearing this in mind, the Prafulta session for the students of standard VIII was held on 6th of October, 2020. The topic for this session was ‘Relationship with family`. The counsellor started by stating the objectives of the session like the importance of family, uniqueness of every family, common issues, conflicts, importance of communication and so on.
Then an activity was conducted where the students had to make a mention of the members, they were close to in their family and create a family tree, based on which a discussion was held.
This was followed by discussions on “How to Enhance and strengthen relationship with family with 11 common and day to day life suggestions”. This session also focused on the areas which do not work with the family like blaming, criticizing, comparing, outburst, reacting, being judgmental, sulking and lack of communication. It also emphasized on the various conflicting areas and concerns within a family.
Overall, the session was an interactive one and the students were determined to implement these valuable tips in their daily lives.

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