Prafulta session for the students of STD VII
3rd October, 2020.
The Prafulta session for the students of standard VII was held on 3rd of October, 2020. The topic for this session was “Understanding Teenage Years”.
The main objective of the session was to help students understand the physical, psychological and social changes during the teenage years. For this purpose, an activity was conducted where the boys shared some feedback on how they felt emotionally.
Later, a video was shown in relation to the physical & mental issues which was followed by a discussion on whom to approach and speak to in order to understand some things better as a Teen. Also, aspects like how to deal with Physical Psychological and Emotional Changes were discussed.
To boost the students` self-confidence, they were made to note down 5 positive things about themselves and share it with their classmates. Lastly, the importance of family and friends in a life of a teenage was discussed. Towards the end, the students were given a chance to express their view on the session conducted.
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