A workshop conducted by Mr.Jeevan D’cunha(Director of Global Education Solutions) and co-ordinator Ms.Jinal. Mr Jeevan welcomed the staff and helped them introspect and reflect back to their time as students, who was their favourite teacher was. He began with the topic, ‘Who Am I?’ followed by an energetic ice breaker. Deep insight was given in areas like My Core Values ,Our interests, our emotional strengths, our attributes and our personal strengths and made us strongly feel that we all have certain good qualities. He stated that, ‘The teacher is a Facilitator’ who learns the art of asking questions. He also spoke on the six groups of people who make up a whole community. Mr Jeevan helped the teachers to understand that it is through the content we teach and help students to understand the real world. He taught the teachers Strategies to build the core skills through acquiring, absorbing, applying, and acting.