In school we have started a class called reuphoria which is silent reading by the full school .Every student receives a book to read and the last 15 mins of the day daily reading is done by all. To celebrate this we had the REUPHORIA festival in school where students came to school dressed in any story character andno books were carried by them. T he day began with an Inaugural assembly by Ms. Soumya and the Vice Principal declared the festival open. There was a programme organized for them like short video clippings with quiz, worksheet coloring on stories, guest authors who came to class to speak to them like Shabnam Minawala, Prainita Shetty. Grandparents too narrated stories to the boys .Balaji Films asked the boys to write a script on the topics given which was a competition.
We also had Mrs. Rachel Kutty a parent and Bro. Dustin giving lovely messages on the intercom on reading. The children then did a little doodling and then moved to the assembly hall for a competition on Spin a yarn It was an exciting day for all the boys, parents who assisted the teachers 
The day was well orgainsed by Mrs. Andrea Gonsalves for the primary.
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