Lit Fest : 2nd December 2016.
The last of the Lit Fest began with the hat parade. The theme for hat making was any favourite story of the child. So the parents had to decorate the hat beautifully in accordance with the story. The students danced as they walked on the ramp wearing their beautiful hats along with their class teacher. Later the story telling competition was held in each class. Students were judged on their selection of story, expression, voice modulation, pronunciation etc. They all did a wonderful job in narrating stories. The winners were happy to take home certificates. Then it was the turn of the book fairy to announce DEAR time. All in all students enjoyed the Lit Fest and went home with the promise of reading more and more books to widen their knowledge about the world.
Winners of Hat Parade
Sr.K.G – A
1. Parab Atharva
2. Fernandes Branson
3. Shaikh Maaz

Sr.K.G – B
1. Joseph Joshua
2. Mendonsa Jaren
3. Shetty Vihan

Sr.K.G – C
1. Devecha Bhavya
2. Mayekar Meet
3. Patel Aayu
4. Lingam Vignesh
Sr.K.G –D
1. D’Souza Nathan
2. Gaikwad Aditey
3. Swargiya Atharva
Jr.K.G – A
1. D’Souza Aiden
2. Sane Tasmay
3. Menezes Avidan
Jr.K.G – B
1. Mendonsa Nathan
2. Mishra Advaya
3. Mehta Heet
Jr.K.G – C
1. Manwani Parth
2. Kadar Samrat
3. Dalvi Swarup
Jr.K.G – D
1. Mohanty Mehul
2. Soni Vansh
3. D’silva Joshua

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