While the Internet of Things (IoT) is making our lives easier and less stressful in many ways, it also has the potential to put large amounts of undesirable content right in the hands (and heads) of our children. It is no longer uncommon to read about children sexually offending other children, or even turning promiscuous at an alarmingly young age.

With Graded Life Skills, we introduce our students to what they need to know about their changing bodies, their changing minds, what is to be expected, what is normal, what is not normal, what is right, what is wrong and what the consequences of their actions might be.

From similar sessions that were conducted last year, it was abundantly clear that the boys were in need of these sessions, and benefited a great deal from the knowledge imparted. They paid rapt attention to every word that was communicated and asked a lot of genuine questions which were responded to as honestly as possible and to their satisfaction. The boys were encouraged to talk to their parents, teachers, counsellor or a trusted elder, should they be in need of any additional information, or be faced with an intimate private situation.

The resource persons this year are Rev. Fr. Brian Moras (Rector & Manager), Ms. Annie Roberts (school counsellor) and Mr. Haydn Dias (past pupil / boarder support volunteer).

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