Lets Make Learning Fun (Pre – Primary) : 3.8.19
This academic year the Open day of the Pre – Primary section was conducted in a very different manner which was interspersed with a workshop on “ Lets make learning fun” along with the feedback about their child’s progress. It was conducted by our Supervisor Ms. Helen Fernandes. For the starter, the parents were asked to mingle with each other and find out about the likes and dislikes of their child and also share with other parents. Then each subject teacher spoke about their subject that they teach in their class and the methods that they use which was supported by class videos. The parents in each class were then asked to prepare an outline on how they would teach their child on a given topic in any one of the subjects. Ms. Helen informed the parents about the various activities for developing fine and gross motor skills of their child which can be conducted at home. Handouts on activities for fine and gross motor skill development were distributed. Instructions were also given about the upcoming events. The parents also met the respective teachers for their child’s feedback

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