The virtual Independence Day Program (Secondary Section) on the morning of 15th August 2020 began with the hoisting of the Flag followed by the solemn singing of the National Anthem and recitation of the pledge. A celebration of freedom can never be complete without giving our Savions an understanding of its importance and the role they play. In his speech, our Rector & Manager Rev. Fr. Brian Moras spoke about service to the nation and especially during these trying times. He highlighted the works of charity done by our Past Pupil’s Unit. Fr. Rector also conveyed his wishes on the occasion of the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Several of our students voiced their opinion on the occasion of Independence Day.
‘Words are dead until action brings them life.’ Keeping this in mind, our Savions had a fun Independence Day activity wherein they put words, connected to Independence Day, into action through hand movements. The pictures will reveal how creative our Savions can get! The program concluded with the screening of a meaningful video followed by a fruitful discussion.
This lockdown might have restricted our physical freedom, but it has generously blessed us with the freedom of thought and creativity.
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