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St. Dominic Savio High School, Andheri, Mumbai, is a Don Bosco Institution run by the Salesians of Don Bosco, an International Religious Organization founded by St. John Bosco. John Bosco was born on the 16 August 1815 in Italy and later was fondly know as Don Bosco. He started a number of institutions for poor and abandoned youngsters and got the help of many lay volunteers to assist him in his work for these youngsters. St. Dominic Savio complex also hosts other facilities such as Prafulla, Bal Prafulla and a boarding facility, besides the high school.

Don Bosco schools are always knows for their focus on sports and extra-curricular activities. Our sports facilities are amongst the best in Mumbai and sports training an coaching is integrated in to the academic calendar.

Facilities in Campus


Computer Lab

The computer lab is modern in every way. We have 70 computers in our lab and all are well equipped with the latest technology that helps to enhance learning. The computer teachers are always ready to help anyone who is struck with a problem and willingly give assistance if needed. Each computer has all the modern softwares installed.


The library is a reader’s dream. All the books ranging from the encyclopedias to fiction novels are neatly aligned and kept by our library sir. He is always there to locate the books if any confusion. The library though having so much is a library after all. So come on, sit inside and read your heart out…!


Our school playground is very vast and many sports are played. There is also coaching for various sports like athletics, football, basketball, hockey, martial arts, etc. We also have a multi-purpose turf court for football and hockey. Our school proudly stands as the second school to own a turf field in the whole of Mumbai.

Science Lab

The science lab is divided into two parts- one part for physics and one for biology and chemistry. The physics lab is well equipped with the modern apparatus needed for any physics experiment right from the apparatus for light to the apparatus for experimentally proving ohm’s law.In the biology lab there are all kinds of equipment right from the dissector kit to the various chemicals and specimens of animals, all are available.Under the guidance of our Science teacher  everyone can aspire to be a scientist.


The classrooms are equipped with the new world’s technology so as to simplify our our learning and to reduce the stress on the students. The board and chalk are seldom used. It becomes easy for the teachers to teach and much easier for the students to grasp and learn.

News & Information


Workshop on Mental Health

Workshop on Mental Health (Pre – Primary ) : 1.2.20 A workshop on Mental Health among preschoolers was conducted by Ms. Annie Roberts, Councellor and Remedial Educator for the Pre – Primary teachers. She spoke about the various topics discussed at a seminar held at...

Open day (Pre – Primary )

Open day (Pre – Primary ) : 1.2.20 Open Day was held for the Pre – Primary students. The teacher updated the parents about their child’s progress. The parents were even informed about future events. Occupational Therapy Screening reports of Jr. Kg. students were given...

Feast of St. John Bosco

Glimpses of St. John Bosco’s Feast Day Celebrations on Friday, 31st January 2020  

Std V : Assembly

The students of STD V under the guidance of their class teachers, Ms Ashwini and Ms Sharon put up a meaningful assembly on the theme ‘Holiness even for You as we Cherish, Celebrate and Care for OUR ELDERS.’ Through the Assembly, the importance of taking care of our...

SSC Farewell

The end of schooling will mean the beginning of something new for those who will leave this institution. Some will be moving on to new places, others to new responsibilities. Moving ahead signals the end of one season, and the emergence of something new. The Savion...

Armed Forces Day

Armed Forces Day (Pre – Primary) : 25.1.20 The Armed Forces Day was celebrated in the Pre – Primary section as a part of the Republic Day celebration. The students came dressed to school as different Armed Forces like the Army, Navy, Air Force and the Police. The...

Primary Sports Festival

The Sports Festival of the Primary Section, held on 25th January, 2020, was a grand success; thanks to the combined efforts of all. The theme of the festivity was to protect the environment. The drill displays of all the classes was beautifully presented by the...

Welcome Rev. Fr. Savio Silveira

His spirit; His power His peace and his presence through him, we can be assured of Don Bosco’s presence in our midst. The Savion Family warmly welcomed Rev. Fr. Savio Silveira, the 11th Provincial of the Salesian Mumbai Province. To commemorate this solemn occasion,...

Best Out Of Waste and Origami Competition

Best Out Of Waste and Origami Competition (Pre – Primary) : 15.1.20 Best Out Of Waste and Origami Competition was held for the Sr. Kg. and Jr. Kg. respectively. The Sr. Kg. students carried raw material from home and made different objects like pen stand, photo frame,...

Yellow House Day Assembly

The Yellow House Day Assembly was held on Wednesday, 13th January, 2020. The celebration was dedicated to their patron leader Rabindranath Tagore and the theme for the event was 'Holiness even for you as we Cherish, Celebrate and Care our Elders in the Family’. The...

The Golden Jubilee Closing Ceremony

We have worked together as a family, with the vision of Don Bosco to enlighten us as we carved the message ‘Holiness even for you as we cherish, celebrate and care’. This memorable day of 22nd December 2019, witnessed the culmination of the celebration of a milestone....

Annual Thanksgiving day : Savions all the way

Our Patron St. Dominic Savio was a boy with a strong will and heroic virtues. And so, determined to augment St Dominic Savio’s virtues as our vestment, the theme for this scholastic year is ‘Holiness even for you as we cherish, celebrate and care’. It is these noble...

Annual Thanksgiving Day

Our theme this year ‘Holiness even for you as we cherish, celebrate and care’ has resonated through all the events that were held to commemorate our Golden Jubilee celebrations. It was with this spirit of loving gratefulness that the School’s Management team was...

Golden Jubilee Closing Ceremony

These Golden Moments so rare To Cherish, Celebrate and Care. We’ve been blessed with a year long jubilation of fun-fair It was now time to Thank the Lord for this, in prayer! We began our Golden Jubilee Celebrations on the 21st of December 2018 with the Celebration of...
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