On 2nd December 2015, we celebrated the Green House day and keeping to the theme of the year Respect.The green House teachers Mrs.Mary D'Souza and Mrs.Rosalin Ambrose palnned the assembly "Respect for our Community Helpers"
All the Support Staff of our school were falicitated in the hall.The comperes Daniel, Neil and Sujata Teacher addressed the gathering ,along with Duncan and Aryan who spoke about our Patron Leader Pandit Jawharlal Nehru. 
There was a beautiful skit in Marathi by the students of Std III and song by the boys of the green house.All this was put together to tell our support staff how much we appreciate their dedication and hard work.
Ms Rosalin also captured in a PPT the work that each of our support staff does
our chief guest Rev. Fr Rixon Nigrel ( Vice Principal) addressed the gathering and for the benifit of the Support staff spoke in Hindi and thanked them for their endless hard work and also said Sorry for the times we have hurt them and not respected them 
Mr Prakash and Mr. Nagraj spoke to the boys and asked them to try and keep the place clean
Teh Head teacher the requested the Support Staff to give away a few awards to the Red House for activities Std IV B won for discipline and Class Cleanlliness ,to which they were the first class to go and play in the new park made this year.
Ms Sujata then in marathi asked all the support staff to go to the Primary Staff room for some refreshment ,which were served to them
It was a very nice moment for all at school as we truly appreciate all that they do for us .God Bless them all .
Congratulations to Teacher Mary,Rosalin Sujata and Sir Elvis for a fantastic assembly.
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