The first meeting for the staff was held on Monday, 17th June 2019. The meeting began by invoking the grace and presence of the Almighty which was led by Ms. Jeanette from the Pre-Primary section.
Our Principal Ms. Valerie Mascarenhas welcomed everyone back to the school. Our Rector & Manager Rev. Fr. Brian Moras, introduced the new members of the Management Team. He also threw light on the various responsibilities shared by our Management members at the various commissions, and also on various Golden Jubilee projects.
He congratulated the Principal and the staff with regard to the SSC Results.
Our Principal, Ms. Valerie Mascarenhas, shared statistics of the SSC Results, She also briefed on the forthcoming Golden Jubilee Events, various adapted programmes for the holistic education and the language and numeracy enhancement along with Mission Gen Z.
The meeting was ended with an inspirational video presented by our Principal Ms. Valerie Mascarenhas. It reminds us that it is very important for us to search something in every student.

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