Today the primary section had their feacy dress competition theme was friends of cleanliness It was a lovely morning with so much of creativity and talents in my boys and not to forget the parents who took so much trouble in the wonderful presentation
Our judges were Mrs. Dorothy ,Mrs Neetu,Mrs Vanessa and Mrs Anella who were so happy with the performance of each child .
Mrs Madhu and Mrs Rosalin great job and a well organised programme.
Std I A 
1st: Alfred Cheeramkuzhyil 
2nd: Shaurya Gupta 
2nd: Omlar Mohite 
3rd : Brettlee Fernandes 
1st Cons: Rudra Mazumdar 
2nd Cons: Romil Jagtap
Std I B
1St: Rishav Mazumdar
2nd: Rupesh Nayak
Ruben D’souza
3rd: Meet Patel
1st Cons: Lebron D’souza / Sahil Masurka 
2nd Cons: Skyler Pires / Shayan Mohd Shaikh
Std II A
1st : Ronak Agrahari 
2nd: Jordan Menezes
3rd : Calronn Cadin 
1ST Cons: Parthik Ghadigaonkar 
2nd Cons: Sarth Vedak / Dakshesh Apkare
Std II B
1st: Zephan Fernandes
2nd: Mrylyn Xavier
2nd :Joshua Fernandes 
3rd: Daniel Gomes
1st Cons: Aleric Rodgrigues
2nd Cons: Darsheel Aware / Rakin Menezes
Std III A 
1st: Aden Martis
2nd: Rudra Karia 
3rd: Naren Gounder
1st Cons:Kushal Talekar 
2nd Cons: Shreenath Mane
Std III B 
1st: Tyrone D’mello 
2nd : Pranay Shetty 
3rd: Kashyap Panchal
1st Cons: Fahd Nakhwa 
2nd Cons: Vedant Zagade
Std IV A
1st: Sohan Kadam
2nd: Nakul Jadhav
3rd: Ryan Lobo
1st Cons: Subodh Bhosle 
2nd Cons: Atharva Ingle
Std IV B
1st: Daniel Joseph
2nd: Elzber Dias
3rd: Parick Sasane 
1st Cons: Aryan Kharade
Enjoy the pictures
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