Elocution is the art of learning how to speak correctly and emphasizes correct accent, grammar, pronunciation, tone and stress, as well as how to stand and how to gesture when giving a speech.
The English Elocution competition for the students of Std. III & IV was held on 22nd Sept. 2018. This was the perfect platform for the students to showcase their talents and abilities.
Many students participated enthusiastically with their parents watching from the side lines. The students were judged by Ms. Rayna D’Souza and Ms. Candida Mendoza
Thank you Ms. Mary Dsouza and Ms. Anita Martis for coordinating the entire event.
Congratulations to the winners!
The winners are
1st Place – David Fernandes
2nd Place – Keegan D’Souza
3rd Place – Shubham Pal
Consolation – Atharv Mishra

1st Place – Asher D’Souza / Johan Kunnumkada
2nd Place – Athan Rodrigues
3rd Place – Ishaan Kambli
Consolation – Aayush Yadav

1st Place – Brettlee Fernandes
2nd Place – Joshua Serrao
3rd Place – Craig D’Costa
1st Consolation – Rishon Fernandes
2nd Consolation – Skyler Pires

1st Place – Fawaz Mohammad
2nd Place – Rudra Mazumdar
3rd Place – Aadi Maladkar
1st Consolation – Fabian Fernando
2nd Consolation – Alfred Chiramkhuzyil

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