date : August 26, 2015

On Saturday 22nd August ,we had the students of std III perform for their parents in Song,Dance and a lovely skit.
It was a wonderful afternoon to see all the parents gathered in large numbers.
The theme for the year being Respect, the class concentrated on the topic Respect for ENVIRONMENT.
They began with this theme with the GO GREEN PROJECT ,Dr. Deepak Karia addressed the gathering about the project which started at the begining of the year ,where the parents and studentsĀ along with their teachers potted a sapling and made use of plastic bottles and even tender coconut shells to grow plants.
Our guest ohf Honour Mrs Josephine Fernandes brought forth how we as parents can inculcate respect for environment.
Our chief guest Rev. Fr. Crispino D'Souza our Rector and Principal addressed the gathering and told them more about respect and shared his views.
The students entertained the crowd and even made the parents join them in the finale song.
It was truly a fanstastic show and congratulations to Mrs. Mary D'Souza, Mrs. Rosalin Ambrose along with Sir Elvis and alll the students of STD IIIĀ 
Bravo well done You surely ROCK the Show
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