On 9th of August 2017 at 2 p.m. the students of Std II celebrated their cultural day . The theme for that day was ‘Being Respectful.”
The comperes welcomed Our Principal Mrs. Valerie Mascarenhas, Our Vice Rector and Administer Rev. Fr. Maridas Shekar, Our Head Teacher Mrs. Marina Corda , the co-ordinating teacher Mrs. Andrea Gonsalves, Their Head Parents Mrs Netra Rasal and Mr. Rohit Gaikwad along with their class teachers Mrs.Mary D’souza and Mrs.Belinda Boothello.
“Respect for ourselves guides our morals; Respect for others guides our manners,” is what our tiny tots of STD II portraited. A heart warming welcome was sung by our little savions. A few budding actors put forth a skit focusing on four short scenes on being respectful followed by a foot tapping song which brought smiles to our dear parents. The principal in her address to the parents stated, that a theme like this being respectful seem very simple and has great depth. The principal then spoke on three key aspects of respect one , a triple D- 1ST –Disagree respectfully, 2ND Discrimination has no place in recpect and the 3rd Differences must be respected. Our mentor Don Bosco believed in an all round development of children and for that an atmosphere of love, affection and respect for one another is essential. The head teacher was overwhelmed with the performance of the students and the hard work put in by the teachers n Sir Elvis our music master who efficiently and confidently trains the students day in and day out bringing the “BEST” in the little Savions.
With this promise, the students concluded their programme with a lovely medley of songs – the Finale Song.

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