The students of standard IV along with their teachers Mrs.Pamela Dias and Mrs. Madhu Lakhwara had gathered in the A.V. Hall of St. Dominic Savio High School on 5th of August 2017 at 2 p.m. to celebrate their cultural day . The theme for this year is “THE SAVION FAMILY”. The students had selected Responsibility as the main theme that helps a family run smoothly.
We had Master Ranbir welcomed Our Rector Rev. Fr. Brian Moras and our Principal Mrs. Valerie Mascarenhas, Master Jovahn welcomed Our Vice Rector and Administer Rev. Fr. Maridas Shekar and Our Vice Principal Rev. Fr.Mylin Noronha, Master Ansh welcomed their Head Teacher Mrs. Marina Corda and the co-ordinator Mrs.Andrea Gonsalves, Master Nilay welcomed Their class Head parents Mrs. Ann Rozario and Mr. Brian D’souza.
The programme began with a foot tapping Welcome song ,‘Welcome Shine Shine.”
Master Ansh And Master Nilay further enlightened us on the topic,They said that Responsibility is the social force that binds humans to their obligations and the courses of action demanded by that force.
Understanding this concept will allow one to understand that responsibility is a choice that everyone has to make .To make the point more clearer some students enacted a skit based on the selected theme, ‘Responsibility- it was a story about the Prabhakar family ,where the father wants his sons to perform their duties keeping in mind two aspects i.e being fully responsible and having full potentials for all your actions with accountability and trustworthiness.
Master Jovhan thanked the characters of the skit for the beautiful message they brought out while enacting their play. He welcomed a group of talented dancers who danced on the fantabulous Marathi folk dance, ‘The Koli Dance’
Rev. Fr Brian Moras the Rector of the institution was called upon by master Nilay requesting him to address the assembly with some inspiring words of wisdom.
Being responsible involves having skills, a caring and open attitude, and a good sense of what we can and cannot do. So let us lend a helping hand , spread love and take responsibility to make this world a better place. These words were expressed by Nilay and Ansh.
With this promise, the students concluded their programme with a lovely medley of songs – the Finale Song- Everyone Belongs.
A programme would not be complete without a word of appreciation and so we had Master Ayush thanking all those who helped in training the students The Head teacher, Both the class Teacher’s Mrs. Pamela and Mrs. Madhu, The Music Teacher Sir Elvis , The parents who helped in doing the backdrop and the props for the skit ,all the parents who substituted during practices , Our Helpers Mr. Prakash and Mr. Harish for all the arrangements made in the hall.
Soon after the programme Rev.Fr Rector commented saying that the programme was good and precise .

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