Fruit Salad Day

Fruit Salad Day (Pre-Primary) : 10.9.17
Fruit salad day was celebrated with the Jr. Kg. Students. They carried different kinds of fruits in their snack boxes to the school. Ms. Dillian explained to the students the importance of eating fruits and also showed them different kinds of fruits. Students enjoyed eating various kinds of fruits.

Pre Primary Picnic

Picnic (Pre-Primary): 4.10.2017
The Sr. Kg. students went for their Annual school picnic to Funshala at Byculla. They enjoyed playing in the fun zone with different toys, sand etc. The students had a wonderful time and enjoyed their school picnic.

Visitor -The Green Grocer

Visitor -The green grocer (Pre-Primary) : 26.9.17
A green grocer Mr. Nandkishore visited the Sr. Kg. students. He brought different types of vegetables to show to the students. He showed how the vegetables are measured and sold in the market with the help of a weighing scale.

Elocution Competition

Elocution Competition (Pre-Primary) : 23.9.17 Elocution Competition was held for Sr. & Jr. Kg. Students. Judges for the competition were Ms. Pamela Dias, Ms. Maria Fernandes and Ms. Alethea Fernandes. Students were judged on memory, expressions, pronunciation and proper actions. The students did a fantastic job in reciting their poetry leaving even the judges amazed.…

Yellow Day (Pre- Primary)

Yellow Day (Pre- Primary) : 13.9.17 Yellow Day was celebrated in the Pre-Primary section. The teachers and students came to school dressed in yellow. In the Activity class the spelling of yellow was taught to the students. An audio visual was also shown to the students and they spoke few lines on the objects they…

Teacher’s Day Celebration (Pre-Primary)

Teacher’s Day Celebration (Pre-Primary) : 1.9.17 Teacher’s Day was celebrated in the Pre- primary section. Students along with Ms. Helen the Supervisor welcomed the Rector Fr. Brian Moras, Vice Principal Fr. Mylin Noronha, Administrator Fr. Shekhar Mariadas and the teachers. Sr. Kg. & Jr. Kg. students had planned a short programme for the teachers comprising…