The Blue House Virtual Assembly was held on the 3rd, of October, 2020.
The motto of the blue house is “Never-never give-up” and the theme of the academic year 2020-2021 is “Called to be good human beings and upright citizens” and the sub- theme of the Blue House is “Courage to stand up for what is right”
Our Rector and Manager Rev. Fr. Brian Moras spoke about the challenges of today that our students have to face i.e. peer pressure and afraid to do what is right.
Our Principal, Ms. Valerie Mascarenhas, shared some very useful information on the life of Gandhiji, the patron leader of the Blue House.
The PPT was smartly done and presented very beautifully. Video clips and songs were shown on the life of Gandhiji and focused on the theme. The song conducted by Sir Elvis supported the theme very well.
The planned activities were well executed in the classroom by the respective class teachers.
The beautiful virtual assembly was coordinated by the Blue House Teachers along with the Head Teacher Ms. Marina Corda.
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