Parents Day Celebration (Pre-Primary)- 22.07.2017
Parents Day was celebrated for Sr. Kg parents . A Short programme was held for the parents which comprised of songs & music by the students and teachers. Parents also sang song for their children. A wall hanging and a card was given away by the children to their respective parents. Certificates of the puppet making competition was distributed to the winners.
The Winners list :

Sr. Kg. ‘A’ Sr. Kg. ‘B’ Sr. Kg. ‘C’ Sr. Kg. ‘D’
1st – Shaikh Jaffar Ali 1st – Amol Rane 1st – Prastut Shetty 1st – Mendonsa Nathan
2nd – Fernandes Avner 2nd – Swarup Dalvi 2nd – Avidan Menezes 2nd – Pandey Aryan
3rd – Fernandes Viaan 3rd – Swaraj Waghmare 3rd– Arhaan Shaikh 3rd – Trivedi Vansh
3rd – Gothankar Arya 3rd –  Rishi Chaughule 3rd – Yash Yadav 3rd – Yadav Divyam


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