On Saturday the 27th of August,we had the cultural day of std III.The students did a fantastic performance in song ,dance and skit under the guidance of theit class teacher Mrs. Rosalin Ambrose,Mrs.Andrea Gonsalves and Sir Elvis.The theme was Peaarls of Mercy and Compassion which was well shown in a humours skit the Good Samaratian and the lovely dances kept our feet tapping and our Chief guest Rev.Fr.Crispino D’Souza was so happy and delighted with the wonderful performance of the boys and appreciated the hard work of the teachers.Fr. Crispino told the gathering of how only when we show compassion we receive compassion.Three of our parents shared their personal experience of how their son showed Compassion .The finale song was a hit when the boys sang in English and Hindi It was a pleasant evening.Thanks to the parents of the class and to Ms Rosalin and Ms Andrea for an Excellent performance Bravo well done.



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