Notice : School Fees

Dear parents, Please take note that from 3rd December 2016 the bank will be accepting school fees. Deposits for fees in School account at SVC Mahakali road, Andheri (East) can be done with new notes which are valid legal tender …issued by RBI….or through cheque/NEFT/bank transfer to bank transfer (If you have account in SVC…

Sr. K.G Annual Picnic

Sr. K.G Annual Picnic: 15th October 2016. The Sr. K.G. students went for their annual school picnic to Kidz Magica, an amusement park in Thane. The students enjoyed the rides and had a wonderful time. Right from the time students sat in the bus till they came back to school from their picnic it was…

Jr. K.G. Annual School Picnic

Jr. K.G. Annual school picnic : 5th October 2016.

The Jr. K.G. students went for their annual school picnic to Kidz Magica, an indoor amusement park in Thane. The students enjoyed the rides and had a gala time. They relished their snacks and even shook a leg to some entertaining dance numbers.


Go Green Day

Go Green Day: 24th September 2016. Go green day was celebrated by the Sr. K.G. students. The students brought tree cutouts to school. During the EVS class, Ms. Dillian Veyra showed an audio visual on plants and trees. She also demonstrated the growth of a plant to the students right from sowing of a seed…

English Elocution Competition

Elocution Competition: 21th September 2016 Wednesday. Elocution competition was held in the Pre-Primary section. Students were judged on their recitation skills, memory, actions, pronunciation, etc. The judges for the Sr. K.G. competition were Mrs. Maria Fernandes and Mrs. Gessele D’Souza. The judges for the Jr. K.G. competition were Mrs. Sharon Fernandes and Mrs. Lianne Fernandes.…

Yellow Day

Yellow Day: 16th September 2016. Students came dressed in yellow clothes and carried yellow objects to class. Yellow displays were put up in the Art class to celebrate the yellow day. Students sang songs like ‘Yellow Y-E-L-L-O-W’,’ I like to eat Yellow bananas’… along with their music Sir. A video on yellow colour was also…

Sprout Salad Day

Sprout Salad Day: – 14th September 2016.
Students brought sprout salad in their tiffins and relished it during their break. The E.V.S teacher explained to the students the benefits of eating healthy food like sprouts and how this nutritious food makes us strong and healthy.


Teachers Day Celebration : Pre Primary Section

Teacher’s Day: 30th August 2016. Teacher’s day was celebrated in our section. Ms. Helen Fernandes, our supervisor had organised the entire programme with the help of parents. Rev. Fr. Crispino D’Souza along with the teachers were welcomed into the section by the students. Master Nathan D’souza, compered the programme which comprised of a song and…