Traditional Day

Traditional Day : 14.8.17
Traditional Day was celebrated in the Pre- Primary section. Students came dressed up traditionally to school. Students were explained the importance of National Flag and National Anthem. An Informative audio visual was shown to the students about freedom fighters and freedom struggle.


Janmashtami (Pre-Primary ) : 12.8.17
The festival of Janmashtami was celebrated in the Pre-Primary section. Students came dressed up in Krishna attire to celebrate the day. Dahi Handi was hung in the section and a parent visitor explained to the students the essence of the festival and why it is celebrated.

Visitor :The Doctor

Visitor The Doctor (Pre – Primary) : 11.8.17 A Doctor Mr. Madhusadan visited the Sr. Kg. students and gave a lot of information to the students on leading a healthy life. He explained to the students how a doctor treats patients by giving live examples. Through a question – answer round, he told the students…

Visitor : My Family

Visitor My Family (Pre-Primary) : 9.8.17
A family of one of the student Nathan Mendonca visited the Pre-Primary section along with his parents. Through an audio visual in keeping the theme of the month ‘My Family’ they explained to the students their different roles in the family.

Raksha Bandhan Celebration

Raksha Bandhan Celebration ( Pre-Primary ): 7.8.17 Raksha Bandhan was celebrated today in the Pre-Primary section by brothers and sisters. The boys of the Jr. KG. and Sr. KG. came along with their sisters to celebrate the day. Their sisters performed the Aarti with the traditional Thali and tied Rakhi on their brothers wrist, while…

Workshop on healthy food

Workshop on healthy food (Pre-Primary ) : 4-8-17 Beyond Academics conducted workshop for Jr. Kg. students on healthy food. Through puppet show they taught the students about healthy food and healthy eating. Students had to prepare lemonade using fresh lime. A dessert was also made by them using ingredients like custard, cake, banana, apple and…

Blue Day

Blue Day (Pre – Primary) : 02.08.17 Blue Day was celebrated in the Pre -Primary Section. Teachers and students came to school dressed in blue. Students had carried blue objects from home to school and spoke about it through show n tell in the Activity class conducted by Ms. Leticia. Coloring activity and ear bud…

Open Day: Pre-Primary

Open Day (Pre-Primary)- 29.07.17
An Open Day was conducted for Jr. Kg. and Sr. Kg. to update the parents about the child’s progress in the school. Curriculum papers were given to the parents. Parents were seen in different classes to enquire about the child’s progress with the respective subject teachers.

Parents Day Celebration

Parents Day Celebration (Pre-Primary)- 22.07.2017 Parents Day was celebrated for Sr. Kg parents . A Short programme was held for the parents which comprised of songs & music by the students and teachers. Parents also sang song for their children. A wall hanging and a card was given away by the children to their respective…

Puppet Making Competition

Puppet Making Competition -21.07.17
A puppet making competition was held for Sr. Kg. parents and students on 21st July 2017. Parents had to bring materials from their home and make the puppet along with their children. There was a good participation from the parents to showcase their creativity.