Community helper

Visitor Programm-Community helper: 8th February 2017. Community helper day was celebrated in the K.G. section.Various community helpers visited and spoke to the students about their proffesion and the tools they use and how they help the community. An audio-visual was also shown on various community helpers. The following were the commmunity helpers: 1. Mr. Madhusudan…

Creative Art Competition

Creative Art Competition: 11th January 2017.
Creative art competition was held in Sr.K.G. Students were asked to bring all materials and assemble in the class to make best out of waste. The competition brought their creative side to the fore and many students did extremely well in the competition. Certificates were distributed to the winners.

Healthy Drink Day

Healthy Drink Day: 10th December 2016. Healthy drink day was celebrated in the section. Students were asked to bring healthy drinks by their E.V.S. teacher Ms. Dillian Veyra. An audio visual on milk and milk products were shown to students and they were also explained about the benefits of healthy drink. Students enjoyed their break…